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Family Vacation Planning

Are you wondering how to get started with plans for your vacation? Are you going to be renting all the cabins and want to be together for meals? Our family has changed some of the plans over the years, but here are some ideas of how we divided the costs, handled meals, and other logistics of our vacation week.

We divided the rent up by having the 7 children each pay a larger portion, the school age grandchildren a smaller amount and preschoolers, free. We put up a large canopy (which you can also use if you contact us) to protect against the sun or rain and moved all the picnic tables under it. The families each took a day of lunch and dinner with doing the cooking and clean up. Later we found that it worked out more fairly to have the smaller families just do one meal and the others two meals. Breakfast was left up to the families to do on their own as some liked to get up early and others slept in. The first years we bought all the food that we would need for the week, had the menu planned and then divided up the cost.

The first Saturday night meal was usually hot dogs, which made it quite easy to prepare. Sunday night was hosted by the second generation and is mostly finger foods. One night a week we had a pizza run, and Friday night was typically the left-over meal. We even had a meal that was put on by the 7 children. That turned out to be quite fun as some would remember the days of childhood, snapping the towels at each other during dishwashing time. Some of the meals that we have had were hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, chicken patty sandwiches, roast turkey, grilled chicken, tatortot casserole, spaghetti, soups, tacos, and baked potato bar. We almost always had popcorn for an evening snack, sometimes with homemade fudge or sticky corn.

There are 5-gallon beverage containers in the game room/storage area that are available for your use. We usually had one for iced tea and the other for lemonade or water. You will also find roasters and other extra appliances for your use. Most years we have purchased the paper products jointly but feel free to use the table service that is provided as long as it is returned to the proper cabin.

It seemed to work better for us for each of the families to plan their own menu and then take up the food that they need or buy it at the local store. (Note-there is a fairly well stocked store in Mackinaw City with their own fresh meat department and also a party store nearby.)

Hopefully these ideas will help you as you plan for your family vacation.